'Clone Wars': Darth Maul Returns Live Chat With Dave Filoni. Great Fun!


EW.com hosted a live chat with Dave Filoni where fans got a chance to ask the talented Director questions. Stephen Stanton and Bonnie Burton also in attendance and a few usual suspects : )

I raised a few questions one of which was: “Seeming very much like Aurra Sing (and Jamie King) are overdue some return soon…mini spoilers? yes/no?”

Dave replied :”Jaime is great, I am always looking for ways to get her onto the show, but I like to give her really cool parts to play. Her Aurra is awesome, and she can do other amazing characters so always be on the look out. I should have her play Quadinaros, lol kidding”

Some more insightful details in to Bo Katan, Maul, Season Five and more were raised. View our highlights on our facebook page.


BCA. A Star Wars Podcast. Corpsey The Ewok, Gungan Blue Balls, & ‘Jizzed’ For Toy Fair!


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            Interview with Sam Witwer, new voice of ‘Chicken legs’ Darth Maul!

            Get More: MTV Shows

            Few days behind on this we know, but Sam Witwer returns to The Clone Wars as the voice of Darth Maul! Clancy Brown (Savage opress) also seen here on this great interview on the background to the Zabrak voices with a sneak shot of Dave Filioni too.

            All in a great choice for the voice of chicken legs maul!

            Read more about the interview at MTV Geek (thx Ross for heads up!)

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            Star Wars Clone Wars Dee Bradley Baker Video, On Clones, Rex, Cody & More From Season Four!

            Darth Maul Lives. (Shock!) Star Wars The Clone Wars Mini Clip!


            Sadly hosted yet again on EW.com, take a sneak peek, and we mean sneak at (no surprise really) Darth Maul returning to the Clone Wars in season 4.

            Click through to watch it.


            Star WarsThe Clone Wars Behind The Scenes Video Interviews. Anakin, Savage, Mace!

            An excellent behind the scenes peek taken during a special voice-recording session with the Clone Wars cast at LA Studios, in Hollywood, California.
            Matt Lanter, TC Carson & Clancy Brown get interviewed…


            Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 4 New Six Minute Preview!

            The Internet Is For Pr0n. Clone Wars Pr0n That Is!-Check These Awesome Season 4 Cody And Rex Photos!


            Blu rays, new Clone Wars TV season coming, stores filing up with toys, it’s all on the go, and so we have added some of our new Clone Wars favourite stills to a set on our facebook page: facebook.com/flyguydotnet

            Head on over to our ever growing galleries and check out our favourite new Clone Wars stills! More uploaded throught the week!

            (Explanation of Pr0n for the pure of mind.)


            Boring Conversation Anyway - Episode 019 - SDCC Part 2 & Even Piell Has A Small And Fiddily Knob.

            Boring_Conversation_Anyway_-_Episode_019_-_SDCC_Part_2_&_Even_Piell_Has_A_Small_And_Fiddily_Knob.mp3 Listen on Posterous
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            The Clone Wars Season 4 ‘Battle Lines Trailer’. Ep 3 Cody! Ackbar! Awesome Clones! Deathwatch!

            Yes that’s right all those Hasbro clones you bought? Yep, get ready to buy them all again! : )
            An awesome trailer that airs in a special, one-hour Season Four event Friday, September 16, at 8 p.m. (et/pt).
            The official pr goes in to more detail;

            Season Four: Battle Lines promises to continue the saga that Star Wars fans of all ages have grown to love, with the most fearless heroes and evilest bad guys returning for an action-packed season of fun and adventure.

            "Water War" and "Gungan Attack" — In the first two episodes of this three-part story arc, the inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari find themselves on the brink of a civil war. The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders.

            Escalating and expanding into uncharted corners of the galaxy, the scope and scale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars continue to grow — with exotic adventures and enhanced animation strengthening ties to the Star Wars saga!

            Critically-acclaimed and unlike any other animated show on television, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Four: Battle Lines brings viewers right up to the front-lines of the massive galactic conflict, revealing the stories that forged the Star Wars galaxy.


            Dengar, Nightsisters, Mortis and a semi naked Kit Fisto in Clone Wars Season 4 reveals!

            Awesome lady Bonnie Burton at the official site relayed the Clone Wars season 4 panel key topics. Some hot stuff coming and Dengar!

            Couldn’t make it to The Clone Wars Season 4 panel featuring The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni and producer Cary Silver, moderated by Lucasfilm StarWars.com’s Pablo Hidalgo. Don’t worry! Below are some of the panel highlights

            Dive right in!
            Season 4 starts with an underwater story arc on the planet of Mon Calamari. Filoni said they wanted the cameras to have similar movements to underwater scuba camera. They had to create an entire civilization from the buildings to the population of the people — male and female fish, warriors, the Quarren army, etc.

            It’s a….!”
            Captain Ackbar is indeed in this underwater story arc. There was some debate whether or not they should have Ackbar refer to traps, but they didn’t do that.

            Watch out for sharks!:
            The shark-like race works with the Separatist. They have sharp teeth and bite the heads off of characters, but Filoni assures that it’s not too violent because “bubbles make it better.”

            Kit Fisto is back!
            “Everyone likes Kit Fisto because he smiles,” Filoni says.”He doesn’t have his shirt on, so that’s a bit of a Twilight reference.”

            Scuba Clone Troopers!
            Kit Fisto has scuba clone troopers in Season 4. Filoni challenges the 501st Legion to come up with scuba trooper costumes!

            New Clone Trooper Story Arc with Captain Rex:
            Umbara is a new planet shrouded in darkness & for the first time you get to see clone troopers killing non-droids, but infact humaniods that live on the planet. All the technoloy the Umbarans fight with weapons you’ve never seen before. Fans have actually seen Umbarans before; Palpatine’s creepy aid is an Umbaran. And a lot of the favorite troopers who have survived so far like Captain Rex and Fives will show up in this episode.

            New Faces and Armor:
            They changed the look of a lot of the main characters like Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, so this season they upgraded the facial expressions on the clone faces and changed some of the armor as well. Captain Rex doesn’t like the new armor because he thinks it’s too disposable so he makes a hybrid of his old armor welded together with his new armor. He’s worried that the Republic looks at the clones as more of a disposable army.

            New Jedi Character: General Krell
            He’s the same species as Dexter Jettster! He’s an uncoventional, powerful Jedi who causes the clones to question things in different ways.

            C-3PO & R2-D2 have new adventures!
            “Star Wars is like a fairy tale from their point of view,” Filoni says. the classic animated series Droids was an inspiration.

            Never Cry Wolffe
            Clone trooper Wolffe returns but he’s different than Rex since he lost all his men so he’sa bit of a “curmudgeon” and doesn’t like C-3PO much.

            Madame Mandalorian?

            Filoni revealed that Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackoff will be voicing a female Mandalorian. He really wanted to have an actress voice her that really understood the fan culture. Filoni wanted to put a female Mandalorian on the show to give the woman fans another cool costume option to cosplay. Her helmet design is based on a barn owl because Filoni’s wife likes owls. Director Jon Favreau will be back as Mandalorian Pre Vizsla, as well.

            Nightsisters return!
            Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, and Nightsisters will return this season as well. (As Filoni mentions the Nightsisters return for Season 4, the geek girl cosplay collective Team Unicorn — dressed as Dathomir’s Dark Side witches — walk up onstage! And he shows a clip that isn’t completed yet and even George Lucas hasn’t seen yet — of the Nightsisters fighting against battle droids!)

            Bring on the Bounty Hunters!
            Filoni says Cad Bane, Bossk, and Boba Fett will be back, along with an old favorite coming to the series — Dengar!

            To Han or Not to Han?
            A fan asks if we’ll see a young Han Solo in the series. Filoni says no, unless Lucas really insisted on it. “I don’t want to be the guy who defines that.”

            By Your Commando!
            Filoni confirmed clone commandos will be on the show, but not Delta Squad because he doesn’t want to mess with that continuity.

            More Mortis on the way
            “We’re going to do more about those kinds of mystical things in the future. It won’t be the last you hear of those types of stories. And you’ll learn more about those Force wielders and what they are and how they fit into the bigger spectrum of things,” Filoni says in answer to a fan’s question on whether the Mortis planet was the home of the Force.

            New Challenges for Ahsoka:
            Lux’s character might challenge Ahsoka’s own feelings about someone that she care for. When a fan asks about her pending fate, Filoni says he’s thought of about eight different possible outcomes for Ahsoka, but nothing has been decided yet.

            Be sure to stay tuned here for more Star Wars news, photos and info at San Diego Comic-Con International…


            The Clone Wars Season 4 Panel at SDCC reveal some nice plot points! Spoiler alert!


            Some Juicy Stuff has emerged and thanks to rebelscum they have listed some of the key points….

            • Shark attack. During the battle on Dac, We will meet a Shark-like Separatist leader name Rik Enson (spelling unconfirmed).
            • But wait, there’s Sly Moore. Well, her species at least. Dave Filoni confirmed that we’ll visit the eternally-nighttime planet of Umbara, where the native Umbarans are fighting on the side of the
            • Confederacy. The Umbarans’ vehicles will be very high-tech, according to Filoni, with holographic dashboards.
            • Trouble in the barracks. “Rex doesn’t like what the clones are turning into,” Filoni said.
            • Dexter Jettster would be proud. Joining the ranks of the on-screen Jedi Knights is the four-armed Besalisk warrior General Krell.
            • Lone Wolffe. Clone trooper Wolffe (from the Malevolence arc) is back. The loss of his squad-mates in Season 1 has changed him, Filoni explains. He calls Wolffe a “curmudgeon.”
            • Revenge of the would-be Sith. Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, and Nightsisters will return to the series. Opress will be shown continuing his mission to find Darth Maul. When the Nightsisters were announced for Season 4, four women dressed as Dathomir’s Dark Side witches appeared on-stage.
            • Apparently, we do need that scum. Bounty hunters return! Cad Bane, Bossk, and Boba Fett will be back, along with another hunter who’s making his TCW debut: Dengar!
            • Going commando. Filoni confirmed the appearance of clone commandos, but said it wouldn’t be Delta Squad because he doesn’t want to mess with that continuity.
            • More-tis. There will be more stories like the Mortis arc. (Please excuse the terrible pun.)
            • Forbidden love? Ahsoka and Lux may develop an on-screen romance.
            • Brainstorming the end. Filoni says he’s written about eight different possible fates for Ahsoka, but George and the creative team still have yet to settle on one.
            • Return of the Hutt. Jabba will be back. No word on Stinky.



            Clone Wars Season 4 Sneak peek Katee Sackhoff voicing a female Mandolorian!


            Club Jade breaks the news to the Star Wars community because yet again it’s dumped on Entertainment Weekly for some bizarre reason?

            Watch the short video now!

            Sackhoff will be the first female Mandalorian warrior we’ve seen on not only the show but the Star Wars franchise in general. Her episode, set to air midway through the Cartoon Network series’ fourth season, reunites Padawan Ahsoka Tano with her Separatist friend Lux, who’s renounced Count Dooku’s galaxy spanning war against the Republic. To oppose Dooku, Lux has sought refuge with the Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist group. In case you’ve forgotten your Expanded Universe lore, the Mandalorians are the helmeted warrior race that spawned Jango and Boba Fett. When last seen, the Death Watch were led by a platinum-haired militant voiced by Jon Favreau (whose Cowboys & Aliens will make its debut at Comic-Con), who will be returning to the Lucasfilm series this season as a Big Bad. But the sight (or rather, sound) of Sackhoff returning to the space opera genre, with her character this time appearing in chrome-domed glory herself, is cause for a major geekquake. So say we all?


            Star Wars at Comic-Con - the Schedule and the Schwag!


            Meet Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, Ashley Eckstein, and more, play the Kinect Star Wars experience, See new Star Wars Lego, New Video games, watch clips from Clone wars season four…jeez the list goes on…

            If you are one of the lucky ones you’re in for some fun and if your not, still nice to drool! If you are going make sure you check our Star Wars.com’s Schwag list for all the exclsuives (if you want all these you’ll be spending quite a few $$!)

            Stay tuned for all the Comic Con images and news we can bring you!

            Star Wars Schedule at comic Con

            Star Wars Schwag List at comic Con


            BCA. A Star Wars Podcast Episode 015 - The Sickcast, Britcast, Rudecast and Hasbro’s Star Wars ‘Slight Disagreement’ packs.

            Boring_Conversation_Anyway_-_Episode_015_-_The_Sickcast,_Britcast,_Rudecast_and_Hasbro’s_Star_Wars_’Slight_Disgareement’_packs.mp3 Listen on Posterous
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            YouTube Legend rasputin37 join the BCA possee for one of the most fun shows I think we have ever done!

            And loads more as we discuss Hasbro, distribution, waves and then some!

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