Another Starfighter, Another day. Star Wars LEGO 9498 Saesee Tiin’s Jedi Starfighter HD Review

Another NEW LEGO Summer (Winter in Oz) 2012 set gets reviewed.
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Boring Conversation Anyway - Episode 019 - SDCC Part 2 & Even Piell Has A Small And Fiddily Knob.

Boring_Conversation_Anyway_-_Episode_019_-_SDCC_Part_2_&_Even_Piell_Has_A_Small_And_Fiddily_Knob.mp3 Listen on Posterous
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Chewie in the house at! Wave 3 Vintage and Target 3 packs also in stock!

The Vintage-Style Wave 3 is back in stock! Unfortunately, the Wedge sold too quick, but there are plenty of other hard-to-find figures from the set available. Also in stock is the G.I. Joe Wave 5 set!

2011 Clone Wars Carded Wave 3 (Set of 4) C-8/9

The new pre-orders for the Clone Wars and Vintage-Style figures have images up, so check out what to expect from the new waves.  If that doesn’t get your Wookiee growling, then make sure to pick up the Vintage-Style 3-Pack exclusives, now available for sale at Brian’s Toys.
2010 Vintage-Style Boxed SW Villain Set (Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, & Death Squad Commander) C-9

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New Star Wars Clone Wars images surface - Chewie!, Piell! More Savage & R7-D4!


The 2011 Clone Wars Carded Wave 3 (Set of 4) gets revealed at our sponsor The Wave available 15th September includes:
- Even Piell
- Savage Opress (Armored)
- Kashyyyk Warrior
- R7-D4

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Let us know your thoughts on this good looking chewie, and this far better less ‘simpsons’ Savage here or on!