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Check out all new licensed Star Wars artwork at Brian’s Toys! Featuring “Biker Scout” from the one-and-only Christian Waggoner.

Licensed Artwork "Biker Scout" - Large Canvas (by Christian Waggoner)

Plus, several Sideshow items are currently on their way to the Brian’s Toys warehouse, place your pre-orders now to guarantee they ship immediately upon arrival.

Sideshow Collectibles 12" Republic Clone Captain C-9

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Wax On, Boil Off? Star Wars 12 Inch Sideshow Boil & Waxer With Numa HD Action Figure Review

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Clones!! George Michael Trooper and bald white Obama? This set we reviewed a few weeks ago and more reviews available on your YouTube channel. We give this extra value pack a rinse and give you an HD look at all that’s included.

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waxer and boil 12 inch

Turbotastic! Star Wars Lego 8098 Clone Turbo Tank HD Review

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Another older item, this is one of the cooler items we wanted to get and review for a long time. Many more lego sets and reviews on your YouTube channel. We go through all the features and give this awesome set a review.

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clone turbo tank

Star Wars Clone Wars Defend Kamino Echo & Fives hit Tunghori



Although these were available several weeks ago at another seller, some silly people were bidding looney money for these. A now more friendly $10AUD/USD price at Tunghori (SW Army Store) allows you (like me) to army build these awesome clones!

For many of us around the world Hasbro’s awful US/Exclusives centric distribution (and even patchy at that this year for the US) leads us to have no choice but to purchase these. We can guarantee, like many, many other sets and figures, chances of seeing these on store (or even soon) will be slim. We say shop Tunghori as looking through his store, there are so many figures (Robonino anyone?) you just are not going to get eslewhere for a fair price.

Oh My! Two New Awesome Star Wars Clone Wars Season Four Preview Videos.

Well not only did we just get the Season 3 Chewie finale, but straight after was one very ‘OMG’ looking season 4 trailer featuring ol’ fish face himself. Less than 48hrs later visitors to the Wonder-con got ANOTHER trailer. Double OMG!

Check them out below. Look out for sneak peeks of new Clones, Grievous battling Gungans on Naboo in the rain, underwater battles, underwater Ahsoka, Kit, Adi, more clones…Oh my!

Video 1:Season 4 preview

Video 2: Season 4 Wondercon preview

Click this link or on commander Wolffe below to see the wondercon video.


'Aaallmost there…..'

Stay on target…. for sithmas is coming to you real soon!
Just think how many many people will get Star Wars stuff this year!!

Happy Christmas eve Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Clone Wars ‘Hevy’ in training Armour. Yours to buy now on fleabay!

You may need five of these, as unlikely Hasbro will release the whole squad when they are practically identical…no scrap that, of course they will!
Anyway, in case they don’t or you can’t wait? Get your trainig clone from ebay fave Tunghori now.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars new nipple hardening trailer….

Ok, intergalactic tea plot got you down? Prepare to change your mind.
Looking like part of a Tim Burton movie, a brief glimpse of Tron, and with more dark than dark chocolate, Dave Filoni’s possee have certainly made what looks to be like a whole other series compared to the first 11 of season 3. We get a ton of glimpses such as Yaddle, Trandoshans, Evil Ahsoka and a very calm looking Sith supreme being.

As some live in the dark ages in web land, and think it’s all about them and not the content, the video is not embeddable so you’ll have to head over to this site to get a look or click the image above.

It’s worth it…oh yes.

Thx Darth Conlan for the share.

Boiling Point! Star Wars Clone Wars Arf Trooper Boil HD Figure Review.

Clone Trooper Boil returns in this this appearance from ‘Landing at Point Rain’ from the second season of The Clone Wars TV show. ARF Trooper Boil was released with an AT-RT as a Clone Wars Deluxe assortment around Nov 2010. An awesome looking figure with the little girl Numa as a transfer on his helmet makes this a great figure, even if a repaint. We only review the figure, but this is also a sweet looking AT-RT! p.s We missed out talking about the fact Boil has articulated elbows and wrists-doh! He’s suuuuper articulated! arf trooper boil

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Star Wars Army of the Republic Battle Pack appears online…

Rebelscum reports that a new Star Wars Battle pack entitled ” has been spotted on Entertainment Earth’s web site for $29 USD/AUD

Looks like four repacked, repainted clones, One red, one blue, two white…

Order the Star Wars Army of the Republic Action Figure Battle Pack from Entertainment Earth

More clones. Yay!

Great looking Star Wars tee shirts; Ackbar Cereal & Imperial Stout…

New Star Wars images straight from Hasbro. High Res and unbranded!

Hasbro’s reps have kindly been in touch and sent us some new Star Wars images! Vechicles, figures and more! New clones!!

As usual you can get all these images, UNBRANDED, and in HIGH RES to download and do as you wish. They are for sharing and promotion and not for me to slap my web site name over them. So fly my pretty’s, enjoy and share this new Star Wars Porn!

  • SW AOTC Jango Fett
  • SW AOTC Kit Fisto
  • SW AOTC Mace Windu
  • SW AOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • SW AOTC Padme Amidala
  • SW AOTC Senate Guard
  • SW AOTC Super Battle Droid
  • SW AOTC Zom Wesell
  • SW CW Arf Trooper Waxer and Battle Droid
  • SW CW Barc Speeder Bike
  • SW CW BAttle of Orto
  • SW CW Clone Trooper and Genosian Drone
  • SW CW Clone Troopers and Droids
  • SW CW Holocron Heist
  • SW CW Hyena Bomber
  • SW CW Jedi Communicators
  • SW CW Landing at Point Rain
  • SW CW Republic Swamp Speeder
  • SW CW Rishi Outpost Attack
  • SW CW Weapons Factory DVD Set
  • SW Epic Battles AAT
  • SW Epic BAttles Obi-Wan Starfighter
  • SW ESB Darth Vader
  • SW GBG Anakin Skywalker
  • SW GBG Battle Mat 1 - 4
  • SW GBG Cody
  • SW GBG General Grievous
  • SW ROTJ R2-D2
  • SW ROTJ Wicket
  • SW ROTJ Wooof
  • SW ROTS General Grievous
  • SW TF Crossover Clone Gunner Republic Fighter Tank
  • SW TF Crossover Obi-Wan Starfighter
  • SW TF Crossover Thrine Attack Cruiser
  • SW Vintage Sandtrooper
View them all on our gallery, some samples below!

jango fett vintage collection

special ops trooper

Star Wars: Escape from Kamino. A retro 8 bit Force Unleashed II video game…

A facebook game, Escape from Kamino looks, damn cool and very like Super Star Wars for you old skoolers like me..

Thing is, I cant get this damn thing to play…hopefully one of you will have more luck than me…

Let us know if it works for you, and if this was as much fun as it looked…
(Be warned the app seems quite keen to post to your wall)

New unseen Star Wars Clone Wars figures surface; Clones! New SA Cad Bane, Obi & droids!

Those sneaky Sandtroopers and their Asian contact have gone under under Hasbro’s radar and grabbed images of some new figures. At last a decent Super articulated Cad Bane (and better than the not so great one that came with the speeder bike recently I hope) droids, and the beginning of, you can bet, the full five clones in training armour from the recent Season 3 opener, starting with Hevy pictured above.

See the gallery they have grabbed for more images at:

Clone Wars ARC Troopers battlepack HD 1080P video review. AWESOMMMMME!

We get our mitts on the awesome ARC Troopers battlepack. We like! Split in to two parts we show you all the details in full HI DEF 1080P. Go Large! View the hi res images and buy it now while still stock on Amazon.

Buy the Star Wars Clone Wars - Arc Trooper Battle Pack Now.

ARC Troopers
ARC Troopers